Facility Cleaning Level Audit

Facility Cleaning Level Improvement Recommendations

Facility Cleaning Expense

Calculation & Recommendations

Training on Use & Maintenance

of Equipment

 Training on Use of Specialty


Training on Specialty Chemical

Safety Procedures 

Controlled Use Chemicals 

Controlled Use Proprietary

Dispensing Systems 

and much more...


Green Cleaning Systems,

Touch-Free Cleaning,

Custodial Management

Wood Sports Floor Expertise,

Safety Equipment & Supplies, 

Site Cleaning & Maintenance Equipment, 

Chemical Proportioning & Dispensing


Specialized Equipment,

Customized Procedures & Services, 

and much more...

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Floor Maintenance and Procedure Recommendations and products

Equipment Recommendations and Training

Chemical Selection Recommendations and Training

Green Methods of Use of Specialized Equipment without Chemicals

Minimizing Carbon Footprint caused by Cleaning and Maintenance procedures & products

Effective Cleaning & Maintenance Staff Training & Guidelines

Mobile & Specialized Quick Sanitation and Cleaning Equipment

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